KONI Racing Research Program

An important part of KONI’s research program is from involvement in motorcar racing. It is a constantly changing world of technical innovation, where valuable experience is gained and utilized for the improvement of KONI's quality and performance streetcar products. It is the ‘fastest laboratory’ in the world.

From KONI‘s first appearance in the 1954 Tulip Rally, there has been a constant stream of successes including over 225 Grand Prix victories and 13 Formula-One world championships.

Koni Racing - Formular One

Innumerable successes have been achieved in a multitude of Formula, Touring & Sports Car races, such as the international Formula Ford, F3000 and F3 series; the British BTCC; the American Indy, IRL, CART, Can-Am, NHRA and NASCAR; the German STW, DTCC and DTM; the French LeMans and the "Dutch" Touring Car series. ‘ Just to name a few ‘.

Koni Racing - Touring Cars

Famous racer manufacturers such as Dalara, Lola, Swift, Lamborghini, Ford, Honda, Audi, Nissan, Lotus and Daimler-Chrysler rely on the performance of KONI race shock absorbers and technology for their race car suspensions.

The Koni Racing service teams are fully equipped to offer immediate assistance for damper servicing and re-building at the (inter) national race tracks.