KONI Manufacturing

The KONI manufacturing process has been fully certified under the international automotive industry supply and quality management standard: QS 9000. The latest manufacturing technologies and production equipment are in use on the basis of so-called ‘lean manufacturing’ procedures.

For continuous improvement of operations the international renowned ‘ 6-SIGMA Program’ is being applied throughout the organization to assure customer satisfaction and value to shareholders. The KONI shock absorber products are specifically designed for each typical market requirement, which is also implemented in specialized production lines for: Cars & Racing, Commercial Vehicles, Railway Rolling Stock and Special Products.

Through both the in-line and cell concept manufacturing processes and highly trained operators KONI is continuously committed to create ‘Number 1’ world-class products. The combination of consistent investments in people, new production technologies and design optimization creates a constant drive for a better product performance and thus securing KONI's world class leadership in shock absorbers.

Koni Manufacturing

From piston rod hardening to the final painting, and from parts manufacturing to product assembly, the KONI applied technologies are under constant scrutiny to achieve product quality, performance and economic cost base for worldwide-located customers.

Koni Manufacturing
Koni Manufacturing Plant