KONI Item Identification

KONI Item Identification
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KONI Item Identification

1100-, 1110-, 1140-,
1141-, 1150 Series
Suspension tuning sets in various configurations complete with springs
KONI Item Identification

26-, 30 Series
Adjustable mono-tube high pressure gas design

026-, 030 Series
Non-adjustable mono-tube high pressure gas design

8000 Series
Adjustable twin-tube hydraulic with auxiliary progressive spring to bottoming when heavily laden

76-, 80-, 82-, 84 Series
Adjustable twin-tube hydraulic design

8040-, 8240 Series
Adjustable twin-tube low-pressure gas design

86-, 87 Series
Adjustable twin-tube hydraulic design
86: cartridge
87: complete strut

8640-, 8740 Series
Twin-tube non- adjustable low-pressure gas design 8640: cartridge
8740: complete strut

8010Sport-, 8210Sport Series
Externally adjustable twin-tube hydraulic design

8041Sport-, 8241Sport Series
Externally adjustable twin-tube low pressure gas design

8610Sport-, 8710Sport Series
Externally adjustable twin-tube design
8610: cartridge
8710: complete strut

8641Sport-, 8741Sport Series
Externally adjustable twin-tube low-pressure gas design
8641: cartridge
8741: complete strut


KONI item identification chart for finding the right suspenion for your vehicle.